I’m Julia.

I am a graphic designer based in sunny Los Angeles. I am passionate about efficiency, solving puzzles & problems (both the tabletop kind and the existential), what makes people unique, and how to meld this all together. I love hot cups of tea, learning new languages, eating sushi, and watching sunsets. I have an entire album on my phone dedicated to sunsets.

I also work as a professional home organizer, creating calm, streamlined spaces both physically and digitally. Sound like you can use my help? Email me at julia.decaneva {at} gmail.com

Logos & Branding
Wedding Collateral
Consulting Services

Being primarily in the digital space, with a heavy dose of letterpress in my veins, I provide an end product that reflects you and your personality. Sometimes an email marketing campaign is more appropriate than a printed, mailed notecard, and sometimes a well-crafted PDF describing your business or event goes further than a robust webpage. I can tell you which you need.

Do you want a wedding suite that includes a branded website, invitation, and elements on the day, all personalized to you and yours? 

Do you have an idea for a blog that you want to see come to life?

Let’s work together!